Cruise the TV with top of the line technology

Fast, reliable and innovative our IPTV middleware products enable the delivery of the most attractive entertainment, information and communication services to TV viewers. Until recently, TV users have only been passive viewers but with the introduction of smart TV technologies these viewers are becoming active, more deeply engaged with access to many of the most popular web services in a form of IPTV services.

The VoD server includes a new content distribution system, the video content may be uploaded to the VoD server in any supported format. Afterwards, the content is automatically converted into the internal format to be later distributed throughout other VoD servers in the cluster.
An intelligent storage system keeps media files in fragments spread between different servers, thus avoiding the unnecessary overhead of duplicating every file on all VoD servers in the cluster.

A universal solution for receiving, decoding, and multicast or unicast streaming of satellite, terrestrial, and cable TV channels. The key advantages of the DVB to IP Gateway 8x are its high density and compactness - the device can receive and decode 8 transponders/multiplexes being a compact 1U rack-mount server. All 8 DVB inputs and 8 Common Interface (CI) slots are located at the rear panel of the appliance.

Transcoders installed in the Streamer server can process 8 HD (up to 1080i) or 16 SD streams which means encoding into MPEG-2 or H.264, transcoding from MPEG-2 to H.264 or vice versa, changing pircture resolution, frame rate, etc. The output can be sent to the network as multicast (UDP) or unicast (HTTP) streams.

Android IP set-top boxes are based on up-to-date and efficient ARM hardware architecture that is used today in most embedded devices. The architecture provides many advanced features including graphics acceleration that makes user interface very responsive and rich of effects and animations. The Android IP STB has Rj45 socket and Wi-Fi module, that allows to use it if necessary, as a Wi-Fi router.

Hospitality TV

Carthage Tech is offering cutting-edge hospitality IPTV systems / solutions to meet the needs of the different sizes and industries in the hospitality market, such as hotels, hospitals, residential areas and many others. Our hospitality IPTV technology brings a wide range of communication, information and entertainment interactive TV services.
Carthage Tech Hospitality IPTV offering is composed of Head-ends, IPTV middleware & billing, VoD servers, DVB to IP gateways, Transcoders/Encoders, Set top boxes and various hardware components.

Carthage Tech Hospitality TV represents a first-class IPTV solution responding to the needs of the ever more demanding hospitality market and fast changing TV industry. With its innovative IPTV technologies, Carthage Tech is bringing an amazing interactive TV experience to TV users such as hotel guests. Our Hospitality TV solution represents a fast, reliable and innovative system that provides entertainment, communication and information TV services in one, easy to use package.

Carthage Tech Hospitality TV offers:
Access to terrestrial or satellite hotel TV and radio channels;
VOD - video on demand;
An Internal portal;
TV shop;
Welcome messages/videos;
Viewing bills;
WEB access on TV.
And live services such as YouTube, Flickr, Twitter or Facebook are just some of the IPTV applications provided.

Carthage Tech Hospitality TV is composed of various IPTV technologies and could be easily integrated with 3rd party systems such as:
HIS (Hotel Information System);
PMS (Property Management System);
Billing systems or CDN systems.
Furthermore, it can be implemented for various types of network infrastructure, such as UTP or fibre-based networks.

Carthage Tech provides a hospitality IPTV system that can be easily adapted for various hospitality industries:
Accommodation industry: hotels, resorts, apartments, boutique hotels or villas;
Healthcare industry: hospitals, retirement homes and other medical facilities;
Educational industry: dorms, faculties and other training facilities;
Residential industry: home users, villas or appartments.