Efficiency, precision and timerespect.

Carthage Tech is a young dynamic company working in the field of telecommunications. It operates in transmission stations, networks cellular and plants, the company has experience in installation, testing, commissioning service engineering and management in the cell area.

Carthage Tech has gained its experience with several cellular network providers (ERICSSON and HUWAWEI) on cellular radio equipment and transmission Supply (AC and DC).

Carthage Tech can provide expertise in the mobile field through its consultants, supporting all operational services of next mobile technology generation with a range of adequate media.

Carthage Tech offers the hiring of resources to support and the specialized supervising of Transmission and Radio.

Our performance

  • Radio equiments installation

    Carthage Tech have a highly talented force of project managers, installation and support teams, ensuring you receive nationwide coverage, reduced network downtime and an unparalleled level of service.

    We are immensely proud of our excellent Health & Safety record and are committed to Health, Safety and Quality Assurance.

    • Installation and Set up of radio equipments;

    • Installation or swap of radio antennas type 2G, 3G dual band or band or 3 Quad band;

    • Installation of different TMA, Combiner & Duplexer;

    • Installing different jumpers with seals and labels;

    • Installation of feeders and connectors of any available type 1/2 ", 7/8" ', 5 "1/4, 1 "1/4, coax and their grounding;

    • Installation of all types of RBSs 2000, 6000 micro outdoor or indoor;

    • Installing different config with extension of RBS or any type of Radio cards 2G or 3G;

    • Technical Support and Services.

  • Transmission equiments installation

    In addition to our fully trained crew, we offer dedicated testing facilities, ADC capabilities and a BTS Integration and Commissioning Portfolio, meaning you can expect nothing less than an excellent service from day one.

    • Design, engineering, installation, testing and implementating services for PDH & SDH technology ;

    • Radio engineering;

    • Installations of FH antennas;

    • FH antennas alignement;

    • FH test and integration;

    • Technical Support and Services.

  • Test & Trouble Shooting

    Carthage Tech offers complete end-to-end solutions that ensure customers only ever need one company to deliver, with total certainty, against their contractual obligations.

    As part of our overall solution Babcock provides the following capabilities:

    • Test (RF) VSWR, Integration & trouble shooting;

    • Transmission: installing antennas, cables, cards, etc ..;

    • Supervision, Quality Control and Reception;

    • BTS integration.